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Until I’m done is a Montreal brand working constantly to create a clothing line that inspires courage and transcendence in everyone’s daily life.  UID’s squad grows years after year with its community!
UID was created in 2018 by David Guay a young South Shore entrepreneur.  His parents were always very present and supporting in his life.  He grew up with high family values which lead him to his dream of creating the Until I’m Done family.   A natural team player he wanted to share his values and did so by starting to print until I’m Done hoodies, message of motivation and encouragement.  

The idea was also to draw inspiration from his passion for Poker, strategic strength and risk to develop a strong and iconic brand.
Everydayeach of us has to face new challenges and obstacles that call on our inner strength. Until I’m Done, a brand that aspires to motivate you with perseverance and determination in order to achieve your goals. Until I’m Done reminds you to keep going until it’s done!
until i'm done trèfle
Thank you for being part of the #UIDsquad!